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Rules and Guidelines for Posting Comments and Pictures

KinnShare members can freely give their opinions on restaurants on the website.
Members can either give ratings or comments
so that other readers can understand the opinions clearly.
Moreover, members can post pictures of food, atmosphere, menu, etc.
to show the members' real experiences to the audience.

If a member has connected his/her KinnShare account to his/her Facebook account,
he/she can easily post the comment back to display on his/her Facebook wall.

If you have connected your KinnShare account to a Facebook account, when you post a comment, you can choose to share this comment back to your Facebook wall.

Nevertheless, please be careful about how you express your comments on
since is a public website with visitors from all over the world.
If there is any comment that is inappropriate or likely to cause conflict,
KinnShare administrators reserve the right to remove your comments.

Guildelines for posting ratings and comments

  1. You can give an overall rating of a restaurant, and 4 sub-ratings (taste, atmosphere, service, and price wortiness).
    You need to choose the overall rating first to be able to choose a the sub-rating.
    However, you don't need to choose every single sub ratings, as sometimes
    your experience with the restaurant does not expose you to all the aspects.
    (such as, you ordered food to-go, so there's no info about the restaurant atmosphere or service)
  2. Also, the overall rating of a restaurant does not necessarily mean the average of all sub-ratings,
    but it is the overall feeling you have toward the restaurant.
    We see that there're many more than just 4 aspects to rate a restaurant besides the 4 sub-rating aspects,
    so we allow the user to give his/her overall rating freely.

Guidelines for posting pictures

  1. The picture you post should be the picture that you took yourself. You should not copy a picture from somebody else's or another website to post.
    Or, if you copy the picture from somewhere else, please be courteous of the picture owner and give some credit along with the pic.
  2. As the content and pictures posted to by the members are not pre-screened, takes no responsibility for the improper use, copyright infringement, or the accuracy of the user-generated contents
    and we reserve the right to remove any pictures we found inappropriate.
  3. Adding caption to the picture you post and choosing what type of picture this is help make your review richer.
    Also, the type of the picture that you choose will help in displaying pictures to other viewers,
    which will make the restaurant searching experience on even better for everyone :-).

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If you would like to submit feedback to us, report any bugs or problems using KinnShare website, or found any incorrect info. You can use the form below to contact us :-).
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